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Continued Care

Care Plans
Each service user (resident) has a formulated care plan drawn up to their individual needs. These care plans are reviewed monthly or earlier should a change in care needs occur.

Therapeutic techniques
These are normally assessed according to preferences and needs of the service users or where recommended by healthcare professionals. Therapeutic sessions are generally conducted with the support of care staff or the  activities organiser.


  • To provide a secure, stable and comfortable environment where individuality of care and maintenance of dignity is paramount.
  • To set realistic and obtainable goals and encourage participation in decision making to reach those individual goals.
  • To stimulate and maintain physical and mental activity and social well-being.
  • To have the right to have personal independence and personal choice.
  • To have the right to care for themselves as far as they are able
  • To have their dignity and privacy respected and to be treated as individuals in their own right.
  • To have the right of privacy for themselves, their belongings and their affairs.
  • To have the right to be consulted about any proposed changes in daily living arrangements and to make suggestions
  • To have the same right to facilities and services in the surrounding community as any other citizen.
  • To have the right to have their cultural, religious, sexual, emotional and any other needs accepted and respected.

Preserving Autonomy
We believe the right to self determination is central to the well being of a person in long or short term care in order to preserve freedom of choice, privacy and dignity a personal care plan is devised following initial assessment. This ensures the service user receives the most appropriate care and the individual needs and wishes are defined.